Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Paint Colors?

The most common request I get is "I need to pick a paint color." Selecting a color that you like from a fan deck won't guarantee that the furnishings you select later will coordinate. The best way to tackle the decision, is to first find an inspiration piece, like a fabric, or a rug, or artwork. Then you can easily coordinate all of the other elements, and choose your colors. Taking the time to think through your project as a whole, and selecting an inspiration piece will make the project come together perfectly.

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  1. Annilee, I've been preaching that line for years! It is so much easier to have some starting basis for a color scheme and work from that, rather than to stand in a blank room where the customer asks, "What color should I paint?"

    Granted, I am usually still able to help them somewhat. But without some idea of direction, you waste time. And while you can typically locate coordinating pillows or curtains (or even have them made to match), finding rugs to retrofit an established color scheme is the worst, especially if the colors in question are a bit offbeat.

    I encourage clients to find a store vignette, a magazine photo, or small decorative object to inspire them. They don't always listen. though. LOL